• Welcome to ETr

    I started Evolving Thoughts in 2009, and for a while it was a very popular philosophy and history of science site. However, at that time I was still writing my first book off my thesis, and it was where random outpourings from my hindbrain ended up. Some of the posts, which can still be seen […]

  • Account/Cause

    aitia αἰτία culpability, criminal responsibility, cause Aristotle sets out four things responsible for changes:  “On the question “why” with respect to any process of generation or change, four answers are possible; these are the four causes. 1) The material cause (the constituent out of which something comes to be). 2) The formal cause (the account […]

  • Being

    ousia οὺσία Liddell and Scott: property; (philosophy) being, essence, reality. That which is one’s own, one’s property. Substance, as in “a man of substance”. In philosophy, ousia is taken to mean stable being, substance, or essence [but see archē, eidos]. When Aristotle introduced the notion of an essence in the Metaphysics Z, he uses a […]

  • Greek words used in classical philosophy

    I prepared this for an undergraduate class last year. I’m putting it up under the Creative Commons license here for people to use. If you have any suggested terms to add, let me know. I’ll keep it up to date.

  • New edited species book

    So, what have I been doing for the Covid Lockdown. Many things. This is one of them. The CRC Press link is here, but I’ll give the table of contents below. The beautiful cover art is by Scott Partridge, an artist in North Carolina. It is entitled Abyssal Zone. Table of Contents Section 1. Concepts […]